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"One Lord, one faith, one baptism"   Ephesians 4:5

The parish welcomes new members of the Christian community.

Parents seeking to have their children baptized should telephone the Presbytery to arrange to attend the pre-Baptism talk in the Church library.

At this meeting, the Church's understanding of what baptism involves, the practicalities are explained, and a date for the baptism can be fixed at a time mutually convenient for the family and the parish. Baptisms normally take place on Sunday after 11 a.m. Mass. (There is no fee for the conferring of a sacrament, but a donation towards the upkeep of the Church and clergy is normally made.)

At least one of the child's parents or guardians must be a Catholic and during the ceremony, solemn promises are made to "bring up the child in the practice of the faith". There should be at least one godparent who is a practising Catholic and can help the parents carry out this duty as well as giving the child the right kind of example.

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